What Is Your Favorite Episode Of Martin ?

Hollywood swinging 1 and 2 is probably #1 for me honestly. Easily top 5 of all-time and definitely on top 10 funniest moments in tv history for me BAR NONE. The writing and comedic excellence was on a 100 on this one. I mean straight flawless


Tommy singing


(Ms. Gerri, Varnell theme song, Martin in the background while Varnell talking, Martin reaction to the girl wanting a autograph)


(catfish delicious, Martin cracking up mid scene and they start improvising right there on the spot)


(Martin singing w/ Jodeci KNICK NACK Paddy wack)



I wish they had the scene where Martin was laughing in the audience over the top n sh*t

These episodes never get old for me, what is your favorite.


Author: RodneyBmore

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