Boxer Yusaf Mack Comes Out As Totally Gay: “I’m Tired Of Holding It In” (Video)

Yusaf Mack’s name has been in the news these past couple of weeks for all the wrong reasons. First the Philly boxer was claiming he was “too manly” to have done a homosexual adult film on his recognizance, and told the media he was drugged to the point he was forced into the acts caught on tape.

Reports HipHopWired:

The 35-year-old athlete immediately switched his stance when the gay adult film company DawgPoundUSA threatened to sue Mack for tarnishing their name with thoughts of drug-induced action scenes and he admitted he was indeed bisexual after apologizing to the studio.

Now in a new interview with Philadelphia FOX 29, Mack digs deeper inside his truth and fully coming out of the closet, in order to free his mind.

“I’m gay. I’m tired of holding it in, it is what it is. I live my life. I’m gay,” the father of 10 told FOX 29’s Quincy Harris. “I was hurt. Like to myself. Then I think about my children, like how am I gonna explain this to my children,” Mack said, “I called a couple of my friends and told them ‘I’m thinking about killing myself.”

The suicidal thoughts have since faded and Mack says he is now “happy.”

Watch the Yusaf Mack gay revelation in the video below. VH1 has aligned with The Trevor Project, which is leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBT youth. If you or anyone you know is having feelings of killing themselves over one’s sexuality, call the 24/7 hotline at 1-866-488-7386. (866-4U-TREVOR)

Good for him I’m glad he finally admitted his truth but I’m sure that lawsuit had something to do with him telling the truth. You would’ve thought being in a gay porn was enough for him to come out of the closet. The only person he came out to was his self, I knew he was lying when he came up with that crazy story about being drugged ….but him having 10 kids and coming out now… I don’t even think dude is gay he will just have sex with anyone. I’m sure he isn’t in an exclusive relationship with anyone male or female.


Author: RodneyBmore

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